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There are many ways that the horse industry can lessen its environmental impact, and in doing so, benefit the planet, riders, and of course, our horses.


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imageAs the horse industry begins to go green, we're recognizing the environmental problems and solutions that are part of the horseriding experience.

We're focused on researching and identifying common problems, such as pollution and energy inefficiency, and bringing you solutions you can put to use.

Genesis Organic Horse Feed

genesis logo smallGenesis™ Organic Horse Feed, is grown with wisdom and care by farmers who use organic farming methods in harmony with nature.

Genesis™ is made with human grade ingredients and does not contain Molasses, Animal by products, Soy or GMO, and is free of chemicals and pesticides.

Genesis™ is presented as a whole grain mix not of the pelletized form. All ingredients have been conditioned to easy digestibility without compromising the natural integrity of the ingredients. You can see what you are feeding your horse, no hidden ingredients and no secret formulas.

Equi Glove

equigloveTwo sided microfiber grooming gloves.
Captures Bacteria!
One side for currying and one side for cleaning and polishing hair coat.
They also make great waterless bath gloves too!

A must have for every stable!

Size: One size fits most!
Color: Black/Purple

Sold as a pair
Saves time, comfortable to wear and very convenient.

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